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Book Review: 5 AM Club

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I am an ardent fan of Robin Sharma and have been reading his posts and watching videos religiously since few years now. And have been trying to put his tips to use.

So, back in 2014, Robin Sharma had started this 5AM club on facebook and I had joined it immediately. When this book came in, I decided to read it at the beginning of the year so that I can put the learning to use and be sorted for the year.

Sad part is - it has nothing new for me. (And yet I am struggling to be a part of this 5AM club)

Good part is - it has all the useful stuff that Robin Sharma has been selflessly sharing every day over these years. This book is kind of a reference book you will want to read and use many times. It will take years to put that to good use.

Major flaw I find in the method proposed by him - is this assumption that you are alone or you have many assistants to manage your family and other daily mundane stuff, because that is not taken care of in the book. Specially for Indian Women. Men can still put the stuff he mentions in it to use and become a part of this 5AM club. But unless there are many hands helping the indian woman to take care of their family duties, 5AM club is only good in print. (I am thinking of writing 5AM club for Indian Women :D)

The book emphasises on putting time for yourself - for exercise, meditation and planning the day and dialogue with self on the goals.

Lot of motivational snippets in the book that really pump you up even if you have listened to him many times.

So, even if you don’t want to get up at 5 AM, you can still use the tips given in the book. The book is more like a gist of all his videos.

My reco - read it and use it!