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Calling Sehmat

#bookreview #espionage #thriller

A debut novel by Harinder Sikka.

PS: I haven't seen the movie Raazi which is the screen adaption of this novel.

This is an espionage thriller - a real story of an Indian Kashmiri girl who chooses to go to Pakistan to fulfill her father's dream and becomes an Indian spy.

The plot (real life story) is woven well.

The writing style is like someone is telling a story from a bird eye view - mostly summarized dialogues used. There is no access to the character's thoughts, yet the writer pulls off the character development well through other tools. I was glued to the story and the writer was successful in making me care for Sehmat and wonder what will happen next. Finished this one in over 2.5 hours. Highlight for me was how Sehmat handled the operation in Pakistan and how she slipped into depression later and then how she came back to normalcy.

Although I wish the characters of Sehmat, Iqbal, Sayeed, and Aby were more detailed. I wanted to know more about them. A glimpse of how ISI worked would have been icing on the cake. But the writer kept the focus only on Sehmat and how she passed info and came back.

My review: 4 stars.