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  • Sweta Samota

Know Everything?

You don't have to know everything on day one or day 99 or day 103. Because you don’t know the expanse of everything.

If everything is a myth and then there is nothing like everything.

When you know everything, there is nothing left to know. Your life is then a mess because you think you know everything. The story becomes boring because then you have nothing to look forward to. Next day is as boring as yesterday. And after few days, you know that everything is still far and that you know nothing yet!

Knowing nothing is also a myth because you know something. There is no one in this world who knows nothing or everything. The story always begins with something. And everything is not revealed at the start. Even if you feel that is everything, it is just the start. And as life progresses, something gets revealed - bit by bit.

Hang in there when you think everything is over.

Keep floating…

Believe that the story is not over yet… Because by nature, nothing is over. It may be just the beginning of something!