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Canfield is Available for your Book Launch next month

“Are you kidding me? I haven’t even started writing my book. I am not like you, who not only wrote the book so easily but also became a bestselling author in no time. ”

“Well, you do have over a month to get your book ready.”

“You know, I am not really sure if there is an author in me. Every time I think of writing a book, I develop weak knees.”

“Ahh.. I know. You think you don’t have the right skill, the right tools and knowledge to write your book. That you are not a good writer…. What if people don’t like your book… all the usuals…

“I also thought pretty much the same until I attended Sweta’s class.”


“Yes, Sweta Samota. She is the leading book coach of India, guiding and impacting 1000s of upcoming authors. And you know, what is the best thing about her class? You will get to know the secrets of Bestselling Authors like Robin Sharma, Jack Canfield, JK Rowling. You will discover how these bestselling authors write their books and if you follow her hacks, I am sure you can get your book ready in no time and get it launched by none other than him.”

“That sounds great. But I am sure the investment will be too high.”

“While Sweta can (and should) charge a bomb for all that is sharing with her students, I will tell you something about her. She wants to reach every nook and corner of India and help several upcoming authors. So, she is charging just Rs.2999. But here’s the deal - If you register now, you can enroll in her upcoming class for just Rs.299.”

“Oh, Wow! Is there a catch?”

“Absolutely not! You are discovering your book launching technique within 30 minutes, the 3-step proven model of bestselling authors, reader psychology, editing tools to save several thousands and finally some bonuses too like steps to publish your book. No one is sharing these so candidly as Sweta.

“And the cherry on the cake - she gives you a Money Back Guarantee. So if you don’t think you got value, you get your money back.”

“That’s fantastic. I am reserving my spot right away..”

“Do that FAST. Because offers like these get sold out sooner than you can think.”

Grab the front row seat here -

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