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How to write a book that sells?

I am Sweta Samota, author of 7 bestselling books and book coach who has mentored 500+ authors. I have spent 4 years in studying over 300+ bestselling books and over 10 lacs in learning and testing the techniques of marketing books to #1 bestseller.

Based on my experience of writing, marketing and helping 500+ authors, here are the things that I have learned.

  • The most important decision. I have learned that the book sales depend on this decision than any other. How are you going to position your book? Who is your target audience for your book?

Sales depends on this. So, the positioning should be decided before writing the book.

Research can help. Look before you leap.

That's why attend my 2-day bootcamp where I share how to make the most important decision.

  • Large Promise. The second most important decision is this: What should you promise the reader? A promise is not a claim or a theme or a slogan. It is the benefit for the reader.

It pays to promise a benefit which is unique and competitive. And the book must deliver the benefit you promise. Most books promise nothing.

They are doomed to fail in the market.

“Promise is the soul of the book.”

  • Big idea. Unless your book is built on a BIG idea, it will pass like a ship in the night.

It takes a BIG idea to jolt the reader out of indifference and to make him notice your book. Big ideas are actually simple ideas. But they are not easy to come by.

  • Go the whole hog. Most books fail because they are trying to tell too many things.

They reflect a long list of objectives. By attempting too many things, they achieve nothing.

It pays to boil down your strategy to one simple promise and go the whole hog in delivering that.

  • Problem-Solution (Don’t cheat). You set up the problem in the book and solve it. IF you cheat, your reader is not going to buy your subsequent books.

  • Avoid logorrhea. Most authors fail because they don’t know the weightage to be given to ideas. Show your story smartly.

  • Grabbers. Research has shown that exciting openings hold the audience at a higher level. If you miss this, you miss the sale.

  • Out of mind, out of sight. Marketing is not a one-time job. You need to market your books continuously. So, get my 30-day marketing plan for your book and apply it around the year.

I will be sharing my plans, my methods and my techniques in the 2-day Bootcamp for authors so that they don’t have to face the problems I faced 4 years back.


Sweta Samota

Story Scientist and Book Coach

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Jul 15, 2023

The links in the blog is taking to an expired page


Jul 15, 2023

The above links are taking nowhere


Jul 22, 2021

Wrote book from scratch but plagarism rate is 75 % ,,why and how .??

Apr 12
Replying to

Kindly check in plagiarism software

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